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New Markets Tax Credit Allocation Recipient Muhammad Ali Museum and Education Center Project Name: Muhammad Ali Museum and Education Center Louisville, KY Description Museum chronicling Muhammad Ali’s achievements,   of project: plus an Education Center estending his legacy of humanitarian work. Total Project Cost: $82,442,853 NMTC Investment: $17,100,000 NMTC Structure: Leveraged model Developers: Muhammad Ali Museum and Education Center, Inc. Community Attracts 400,000+ visitors, contributing $7.8 million Impacts: annually to local economy Created 35 new jobs, adding $1,650,000 annually to local wage base Developed 93,000 sq. ft. and public plaza on riverfront Created 574 construction jobs Muhammad Ali Center Grand Opening Gala Celebrations Program Saturday, November 19, 2005 (If you are trying to view the program in your Firefox browser and all you get is jibberish, click here.) Source: NMTC Winning Project -- Muhammad Ali Center,, July 6, 2012